Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Frederick Brackenborough

1889 Frederick Brackenborough 1968
his beloved wife
Minnie Jackson
their daughter
 1930 Betty Ann 1930
1860 Annie Shorten 1937
wife of Charles Jackson

This attractive tombstone caught my eye when I was walking through Greenwood Cemetery in Owen Sound

I found the marriage on Ancestry.ca but the image does not seem to match. It is of very poor quality so if this is a family of interest the microfilm should be looked at as it appears there should be another page with the full particulars.

According to the information on the index page, Frederick was born in Lincolnshire in about 1891. His parents were William Brackenborough and Fanny Hill.

Frederick married Minnie Jackson, born in London England about 1895. She was the daughter of Charles Jackson and Annie S. Shorten Jackson.  The marriage took place on 2 October 1916 in Grey County.
(MS 932 Reel 382)

Frederick enlisted in the army on 31 December 1915. He was residing in Feversham when he enlisted. His place of birth is given as Kirton Village, Lincolnshire and the date of birth as 20 November 1890.  Frederick was an electrician. His regimental number was 838471.

Also listed are a daughter, Betty Ann. A search for a death record found a child to Frederick and Minnie who was stillborn on 10 May 1931 but no entry for 1930.

Also on the monument is a listing for Frederick's mother-in-law.

Note in the information on Frederick in these few resources, we have several different years of birth

1889 - tombstone 1890 - attestation papers and about 1891 on his marriage registration

The Greenwood Cemetery database gives the following information
Frederick's death 8 June 1968.
Minnie's death  16 December 1971 [no dates for her on the tombstone]
Betty Ann's death 10 May 1931 [her last name is entered as Brackenboro]

I have no connection to this family.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cemeteries in the news - Edgehill Cemetery

On December 30, 2008, Edgehill Cemetery sustained considerable damage when an expected thaw and rain caused the south end to collapse. I reported on it in this article. With an update here. Archaeologists were sifting through all the dirt to locate bones.

To see information about the cemetery and photos of the damage visit Postcards of the Bay

At the meeting of the Town of  South Bruce Peninsula on June 23, 2009, the council amended the budget to add the recovery work at Edgehill Cemetery based on the $200,000 estimate from Archaeological Research Associates Ltd. who are doing the work.

I haven't heard anything recently on how the work is progressing.

News Update: The Sun Times of November 26, 2009 contains an update on the status of the recovery work.
Ten archaeologists and archaeology students from Wilfred Laurier have completed their work and the work came in under budget. The next phase is the design plans from engineering consultants on the bank reconstruction. It is expected that it may be next spring before all work is completed.  Full article may be read here

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Capt. William Dunn and his wife Jane Hannah


Jane Hannah
beloved wife of
Capt. E. Dunn
Died Jan. 16 1901
aged 58 years

Capt. Edwin Dunn
died May 19, 1916
aged 78 years

Captain Edwin Dunn was born in Birmingham, England. His father was Paul Dunn. His mother's first name was Sarah. In Edwin's death registration his mother is given as ? Dugard, but his mother name is given as Sarah Giles in his marriage registration.

In the 1851/2 census, the family is living in Sydenham Township with Edwin being 14 years old.

Jane was the daughter of Samuel Hannah and Jane McClements. Edwin and Jane "Jennie" were married in Owen Sound on 11 January 1871.

This marker was photographed during the tour of Greenwood Cemetery in September put on by Owen Sound Marine Rail Museum

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday -- Lest we forget

photo by Janet Iles - at Greenwood Cemetery 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Two Ross brothers who served their country In World War 1

Bertram Elmer "Bert" Ross

Lorne John Ross

Both brothers served in the Army during World War I. They were the sons of John W. Ross of 648 8th Street East.
Both of these monuments flank a Ross stone in Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound.

Monday, November 9, 2009

John James Connor served his country in World War I

John James Connor
25 July 1935

Away from pain
Ever remembered by his
wife Nora and son Richard

His monument is the one most often used for those who served in the military.

John James Connor was born 30 October 1888 in Thornton, Ontario. He was working as a teamster in Toronto when he enlisted in Windsor Ontario on 11 April 1916.

I noticed his monument as I walked through the cemetery yesterday.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thomas Seton Gordon

The memorial plaque at Knox United Church, Owen Sound, bears the name of two brothers – Charles Haughton McKay Gordon and Thomas Seton Gordon. They were the children of Charles Gordon and Josephine Gimby.

Thomas Seton Gordon is the subject of today's remembrance.

Thomas was born 29 November 1890 in Owen Sound. After attending OSCI, he attended Victoria College and the University of Toronto where he earned his BA in political science. Thomas joined the University of Toronto’s Canadian Officers’ Training Corps (C.O.T.C). He attended a training camp in Quebec.

On 22 May 1915, at the age of 25, Thomas joined the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force as a private with the 2nd University Company. He was 5 foot 11 inches with fair complexion, blue-grey eyes and dark brown hair.

Thomas went to England in June where he was promoted to the rank of sergeant. While being reviewed by King George, his Majesty and the Earl of Lonsdale selected Thomas to be commissioned as a lieutenant. Upon examination, he received his command with the 11th Battalion Border Regiment. In November 1915, Thomas went to the trenches in France. He served on the Somme front in the Albert section.

During the early morning of 22 January 1916, the enemy was shelling the trenches. It is reported that Thomas heard the cries of the wounded and he left the trenches to go to their aid. Tragically, he was wounded when a shell struck him. That night Thomas died. Thomas is buried at Warloy-Baillon, Grave Reference C.6.

A full military memorial service was held at Knox Presbyterian Church (now United) Owen Sound to honour Thomas. His father, Thomas Gordon, town clerk, received a message of condolences from their Majesties. 
The church was filled for the service. The Gordon family pew was draped in purple.

Photographs courtesy Charles Gordon of British Columbia. 
References available upon request.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Harold B Iles

My dad, known to most by the name Bob was known during the Second World War as "Stubb". He served with the Perth Regiment based out of Stratford,  Ontario. He enlisted on 29 September 1939. He served in Canada, England, Italy and the Netherlands. I am very fortunate to have the scrapbooks that he put together with his ensignia, pay book, certificates and photos. He worked as a cook and a butcher, but he also must have done some work in the medical corps. He also has photos in the album from different Perth Regiment Reunions.

See companion article at Janet the Researcher

Friday, November 6, 2009

Norman Richard Birge

Norman Richard Birge was born 15 April 1893 in Horning Mills, Ontario to Charles and Mary Jane Birge. The family also lived for awhile in Mulmur Township, Simcoe County  but they returned to live in Melancthon Township, Dufferin County.  Sometime after the death of Norman’s father, Norman’s mother moved to Owen Sound. 

Norman was a sailor. On 24 July 1911, a border crossing record shows him entering the United States on, possibly either the Pretorian or the Siberian, both Allen Line ships,  with the destination as the “Soo” [Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan].  His most recent permanent residence was in Owen Sound. His father was listed as living in Horning Mills.

Norman joined the Canadian Over-seas Expeditionary Force on 7 July 1915 at the Niagara Camp. Before enlisting with the 58th Battalion, Norman had belonged to the Active Militia. Norman was 5 foot 8 inches tall with fair complexion, light blue eyes and light brown hair.

Norman went to France with the Unit in 1916. He was with the Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment) 2nd Battalion at the time of his death. He died 25 April 1917.  He is buried at the Bois-Carre British Cemetery in Thelus, Pas de Calais, France (Gave 1. D. 11) 

Who was left to mourn his death? What is known about his family?

Norman was survived by his mother, Mary Jane Birge, his grandmother, Esther Ann Beckett and his sister, Ethel Louisa Patterson and her husband John. He was predeceased by his father, and two sisters, Lena and Irene.

Norman’s Parents
Norman’s father was Charles Birge born 26 February 1839  in Pennsylvania, USA.  Charles came to Canada about 1845. Charles was a sawmiller and a carpenter. Charles’ parents were John and Margaret Birge. At the time of his marriage, Charles was living in Melancthon Township, Ontario.   On his death registration his mother’s maiden name looks like Petra. Charles Irving [?] Birge died 10 April 1912 in Horning Mills, Ontario.
Norman’s mother was Mary Jane Beckett. She was born 30 December 1854  in Hamilton, Ontario to Richard Beckett and Esther Ann Knott.  She married Charles Birge on 22 September 1886 in Owen Sound, Ontario.  She was living in Sarawak Township at the time of her marriage to Charles.

After Charles’ death, Mary Jane re-married. She married John Mitchell, a 64 year old widower and farmer from Horning Mills. The marriage took place in Owen Sound on 15 October 1913.  In Norman’s obituary that was published in the Owen Sound Advertiser,  Norman’s mother’s name was given as Mrs. Mitchell, whereas in the Owen Sound Sun her name was given as Mrs. M. Birge.  It stated that Norman’s mother and grandmother lived together at 1576 8th Avenue East. Mary Birge died in Owen Sound on 2 April 1953 at the age of 99. Mary was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound. It is not known what happened to John Mitchell.

Norman’s Known Siblings
Lena Maria Elizabeth was born 10 August 1887 in Horning Mills, Melancthon Township.  Lena died from diphtheria on 12 February 1888.  On 5 April 1889, Ethel Louisa was also born in Melancthon Township.  On 3 July 1912, she married John Patterson, a candy maker in York, York County.  Irene was born 13 February 1896  and died on 3 June 1896 in Horning Mills from scarlet fever. 

Norman’s Grand Parents
Norman’s paternal grandparents were John Birge and Margaret [Petra?]. Nothing more is known about them. Norman’s maternal grandparents were Richard Beckett and Esther Ann Knott. Both were born in England. Richard was a farmer. Richard died 27 February 1896.  Esther Ann Beckett died 8 November 1921 in Owen Sound.

Norman’s Great-Grand Parents
Esther Ann Knott’s parents were James Nott [sic] and Rachel Robbins.

The above is from "In Grateful Remembrance" a yet to be published work by Janet Iles.
References available upon request.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

William Oswald Fraser

William Oswald was born on 27 June 1895 in Owen Sound, Ontario to William Flett Fraser and Elizabeth Margaret Agnew.[1] On 6 November 1918, Private William Oswald Fraser, 838604, paid the supreme

Before enlisting, William was employed as a butcher by Mr. L. M. Grant. William enlisted in Owen Sound on 15 January 1916 with the 147th Grey Owen Sound Battalion. He was 5 foot 4 ¾ inches tall, with fair complexion, blue eyes and medium hair.[3] William trained at Niagara and Camp Borden.

William went overseas with the 147th Battalion in November 1916. Early in 1917, William was transferred from the 8th Reserve to a machine gun section. In October 1917 while at Paschendaele, William was wounded but he was soon back in service. The following summer, he joined the 2nd Canadian Machine Gun Company where his brother Harry was serving. On 6 November 1918, Private William Oswald Fraser was killed in the fighting near Mons. Just a few days later the Canadians captured this location and Armistice was
signed on 11 November.[4] William is buried in Valenciennes (St. Roch) Communal Cemetery
in France (I. A. 10)

Who were left to mourn? What is known about his family and ancestors?

William’s Wife and Children

William married Pearl Laura King on 25 December 1914 in Howick Township, Huron County.[5]
Laurel Pearl [Pearl Laura], born on 9 August 1896, was the daughter of Ethelbert King and Elizabeth Gilkinson.[6] Ethelbert and Elizabeth married on 4 May 1887 in Fordwich, Howick Township, Huron County. Ethelbert was son of Stephen and Clarissa King. Mary Elizabeth Gilkinson was the daughter of William and Ann Gilkinson.[7]

William and Pearl had two daughters with the youngest being born after William left for military service.

William’s Parents

William’s father, William Flett Fraser, was born on 5 June 1868[8] in Orkney, Scotland.[9] He came to Canada in 1888. In Owen Sound, he worked as a porter at the Patterson House. For forty-six years, he worked as a labourer at William Kennedy and Sons Ltd.[10] William married Elizabeth Margaret Agnew on 21 March 1894 in Owen Sound[11]. William died 13 May 1951.[12]

William’s mother Elizabeth Margaret Agnew was born 22 June 1873[13] in Owen Sound. Elizabeth died 14 May 1932 in Owen Sound.[14]

Both William Flett Fraser and Elizabeth Margaret (Agnew) Fraser are buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Owen
Sound (G-SEC7-13 7 & 6).[15]

William’s Known Siblings
Harry Agnew Fraser was born on 26 July 1897 in Owen Sound.[16]  He served in the militia for a year with the 31st Regiment before enlisting on 1 June 1915 at Niagara on the Lake with the 37th Battalion.[17] He was a moulder. Harry was 5 foot 6 inches tall with a dark complexion, hazel eyes and brown hair.[18] Harry
became an electrician after the war. On 28 September 1922, Harry married Annie Violet Gibbs.[19] He died
on 1 July 1956 in Toronto. He is buried at Greenwood Cemetery.[20]

Unfortunately, two of William Oswald’s siblings died very young and one was stillborn on 7 September 1903.[21] Elizabeth Margaret “Lizzie” Fraser was born 24 July 1905 in Owen Sound.[22] She died at 15 months of age on 2 November 1906 from diarrhea and lung consumption. “Lizzie” is buried in Greenwood cemetery Sec 2- 12- 3 with the Agnews. John Allen Fraser was born 30 November 1908.[23] He died on 9 February 1909 from gastro-intestinal indigestion.[24] He is buried with his parents.

William's parents had already experienced the loss of children and it must have so very hard for them to lose another child when William Oswald died in battle.

Gladys Fraser was born 3 May 1907 in Owen Sound.[25] She married Jack McLean.[26]

William’s Grandparents

William Oswald Fraser’s paternal grandparents were William Fraser and Margaret Manson. His maternal grandparents were William Agnew and Margaret Bell. They all survived their grandson William.

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The above information is an excerpt from "In Grateful Remembrance" as yet unpublished research by Janet Iles.

Copyright Janet Iles

How will you remember? Comment te souviendras-tu?

How will you remember? Comment te souviendras-tu? This is the theme in Canada for Veterans Week --  November 5 to 11.

Here on Graveyard Rabbit of Grey, I will post a short piece on a different  person each day who served our country, some of whom paid the supreme sacrifice.

The Canadian Virtual War Memorial can be found here.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Carnival of Graveyard Rabbits - Epitaph

This Carnival asked graveyard rabbit bloggers to write their epitaph as they would like it written. When walking through cemeteries, it is fun to read the epitaphs inscribed on the markers.

As my marker, is already in place and it shares the information for my parents and is a flat marker, there will be no place for an epitaph. If I was going to have an epitaph, perhaps, it would read.

"Janet the researcher, loving aunt and sister"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Stiver family at Badjeros Cemetery

Henry Frankie Stiver
died Feb 8, 1907
aged 5 years [-?-]
Henry F Stiver
died Dec 19 1939
aged 76 years
Bertram Harvey Stiver
died Oct 28 1955
aged 64 years

Buried at Badjeros Cemetery, Osprey Township, Grey County, Ontario

Henry Frankie Stiver was born 4 July 1901. His birth was registered in Collingwood, Simcoe Ontario. His parents were Henry Stiver and Abbie Smith. It gives the residence of the father as Collingwood and working as a labourer. [1]

Frankie died in Toronto on 8 February 1907 from septic peritonitis. His residence is given as Dundalk. [in Grey County]. It is interesting to note that Dundalk is given in the death registration as the place of birth. [2]

Henry F Stiver is the father. He was born about 1863 in Markham, Ontario. He was the son of Edward Stiver and Rosanna Elizabeth Dickson.

Bertram Harvey Stiver is another son of Henry. He was born in Osprey Township on 31 May 1891 to Henry Francis Stiver and Abbie Olga Smith. [3]

[1] Henry Frank Stiver Ontario birth registration #039286 (27 August 1901); digital image, Ancestry.ca (http://www.ancestry.ca ; accessed 20 October 2009), citing microfilm MS 929 reel 155, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.

[2] Frank Stiver Ontario death registration #001491 (9 February 1907); digital image, Ancestry.ca (http://www.ancestry.ca ; accessed 20 October 2009), citing microfilm MS 935 reel 128, Archives of Ontario, Toronto

[3] Bertram Harvey Stiver Ontario birth registration #015111 (28 June 1891); digital image, Ancestry.ca (http://www.ancestry.ca ; accessed 20 October 2009), citing microfilm MS 929 reel 104, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

German Pioneers' Day - Tribute to the Markham Berczy Settlers

Stoeber (Stiver) ancestors buried at Bethesda Burying Ground - Markham, Ontario
They were part of the group that came with William Berczy in 1794 to Markham, Ontario

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

Last week,I was at the Toronto Necropolis and Crematorium doing work for a client. I had made an appointment to see the records and see where my client's uncle's ashes were interred. The client had made the initial contact. As always, I learned something new that I would like to share. I will not name names because of privacy reasons.

The Necropolis has two large registers - one details the burials and one for the cremations. These books are very large in size in all dimensions. 

The Register of Burial provides the following information:
No., Surname, Given names, Age at death - years, months, days (if known), place of birth (not often filled in), place and date of death, date of burial and plot location

The Register of Cremations provides the following information:
No., name of deceased, age in years, months, days, place of birth (not often filled in), where and when died, when cremated, cause of death, coroner signing certificate, Name, address and relationship of applicant, funeral director and disposition of ashes (whether ashes taken away and date, or reference of location of burial). Some of the burials of cremains are in the ground while others may be in niches.

One code of interest was CBP = Common Burial Plot - Twenty burials of cremains will be in the area 10 across in 2 rows. There is a burial map that would show the exact location within this area of each individual.

A small cement marker with a number shows the location. On the tree in the area indicates the Section.

Although, it was a chilly morning we took time to stroll around some of the grounds. I will post some more photos another day. Today's Tombstone Tuesday over at Janet the Researcher is also from this cemetery.

Necropolis = Greek for "City of the Dead "

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - John Johnston and his wife, Jane and daughter Mary

Today's tombstone is at St. Andrew's Scotch Kirk Cemetery, Quaker Hill, Uxbridge Township, Ontario County, Ontario at lot 35, concession 6.

In loving memory of
John Johnston
Born January 23rd, 1821
Died September 23rd, 1894
Jane Sommerville
Beloved wife of the above
Born May 5th, 1832
Died December 2nd, 1905

Mary their daughter
died May 21st 1859
aged 1 year 10 months

John is my great-great-great uncle. He was the middle of child of James Hardy Johnston and Margaret Byres. John was born in Annan, Dumfries, Scotland. He was baptized 31 January 1821. [1] He died 23 September 1894 from heart disease. [2]

Jane Sommerville was the daughter of John and Catherine Sommerville. She was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland.  [3] She died in the Town of Uxbridge on 2 December 1905 from a paralytic stroke. [4]

Their young daughter, Mary, was only 1 year 10 months old when she died 21 May 1859 [5] from whooping cough. [6] She was baptized 20 July 1857. [7]

[1] Church of Scotland. Parish Church of Annan (Dumfrieshire), Parish Registers for 1703 - 1855, Annan Parish Register microfilm #102307, Family History Library, Salt Lake City.
[2] John Johnston Ontario death registration #012863 (4 October 1894); digital image, Ancestry.ca (http://www.ancestry.ca ; accessed 29 September 2009), citing microfilm MS 935 Reel 72, Archives of Ontario, Toronto
[3] Helen Johnston, "Descendants of James Hardy Johnston 1788-1872 and Margaret (Byers) Johnston 1793-1866 of Annan Scotland and Quaker Hill". (Queensville, ON : H. Johnston, 1979-1984.), p. 16. (viewed at the Uxbridge-Scott Museum) [handwritten history]

[4] Jane Johnston Ontario death registration #021118 (2 December 1905); digital image, Ancestry.ca (http://www.ancestry.ca ; accessed 29 September 2009), citing microfilm MS 935 Reel 122, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.
[5] tombstone inscription, St. Andrew's Scotch Kirk Cemetery, Quaker Hill, Uxbridge Township, Ontario County, Ontario
[6] Helen Johnston, "Descendants of James Hardy Johnston 1788-1872 and Margaret (Byers) Johnston 1793-1866 of Annan Scotland and Quaker Hill", p. 26

[7] Mary Johnston record of birth and baptisms Quaker Hill Presbyterian Church (photocopy) viewed at Uxbridge-Scott Museum.
Note: Byers or Byres for Margaret Johnston's maiden name.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Funeral cards - another source of information

Funeral cards can provide information about a person and the particulars of the death - the location and date and the place of burial. It might include some biographical information and a photograph.

I do not have many in my possession. I did a search of some of the keepsakes that my mother had in some boxes. Until recently, I have not seen them locally but at more recent funerals or funeral home visitations, they have had bookmark sized cards with information and photograph of the individual but these are given out at the funeral home or place of visitation or service.

In my search, last night, I only found two, but I know there are others around the house. The two that I found were for deaths on the Manitoulin Island. In a locality with only a weekly newspaper, these funeral cards are placed in stores so that people can be alerted to an upcoming funeral. Once when I was visiting my cousin Valerie, we had gone into Gore Bay to shop. There in one of the stores, we saw a funeral card. She mentioned it was for one of my cousins. Of course, the person was her cousin too.

The first one I found was for Evelyn Jean Spry nee Wagg. I don't believe there is any family connection unless it is one of those, where it is a relative of a relative's spouse.

Evelyn was the wife of the late Chester Spry. She died suddenly on August 4, 1967, at her home when only in her 47th year. The visitation and the service were held at Mindemoya United Church. Printed on the card, her place of burial is shown as Mindemoya Cemetery but in hand writing Cold Springs, Rockville has been added.  There is the poem called "Comfort". There is no more biographical information about her.

The other is for my uncle Ross Love who died in Mindemoya Hospital on May 2, 1989. Included is some of the basic family information. The funeral service and visitation were also at Mindemoya United Church. There was also a Masonic Memorial service. The poem "Crossing the Bar" is printed on the card.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Captain Allan Henry Dixon

During the Greenwood Cemetery Walk conducted by Terry Govier. superintendent of Greenwood Cemetery,  Owen Sound, we visited the grave of Captain Allan Henry Dixon. He is buried at Lot ID # G-NES18-7.

Capt. Allan Dixon
His beloved Wife
Beatrice McAllister
infant dau. Elinor 1932

Allan Henry Dixon was born in Sydenham Township on 23 August 1898 to Leslie Dixon (a weaver) and Edith Bigg.
According to information in the tour booklet prepared by staff at the Owen Sound Marine Rail Museum, Allan went on the boats at age 1914 and by the age of 21 he had his captain's papers.

Allen Henry Dixon was employed on the Grey Beaver and the R. Bruce Angus.

Two of his border crossing cards can be found on Ancestry.ca. On 9 May 1941, he entered the United States at Rochester, New York with his occupation listed as seaman. On 13 June 1942, he arrived on board the SS Grey Beaver at Oswego, New York, with his occupation listed as mariner. On both occasions, it indicates that his fingerprints were taken. Was this because it was during the Second World War? He is listed as 6 foot 1 inch with medium complexion, light brown hair and grey eyes. His contact is his wife Beatrice Dixon who was living in Owen Sound.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Johnstone Cemetery


The Johnson Presbyterian Church cairn is in front of the few monuments that are in a fenced in area. The cemetery is five miles north of Annan on the Balaclava Road. A frame church was built on the Johnstone property in 1858. In 1920, it was replaced with a brick building. John Johnstone, son of William, who had originally gave the land, gave a bequest through his will to go towards the new church. In 1925, the church became a United Church. The last church service was 23 November 1969.

Ken Kivell built the stone cairn to mark the original location of the church. He inlaid the slab of stone from the building that bore the name "Johnson Presbyterian Church". The cairn was dedicated on 6 November 1977.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Graveyard Rabbit Carnvial posted

The September theme for the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival was a potpourri of writings by fifteen graveyard rabbits.  To read them visit here.

The October theme, due September 25, is funeral cards. I will have to dig through some boxes to see what I have.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Memorial to Rev. Fr. Granottier at St. Mary's Cemetery, Owen Sound

St. Mary's Cemetery - Georgian Bluffs (Derby Township), Ontario

It is affiliated with St. Mary of the Assumption and the Missions Parish, Owen Sound.

Most days, I pass by this cemetery at least twice. From the gates, you see this imposing monument straight ahead.

While researching another topic, I found information on the dedication of this memorial. The following is transcribed from the Owen Sound Advertiser 2 September 1918 p.1

Impressive ceremony in memory of Former Pastor of St. Mary's Church

A large crowd attended the ceremony Sunday afternoon of the dedication of a memorial erected at St. Mary's Cemetery in memory of Rev. F. X. Granottier, who for fifty-four years was the beloved pastor of the Church here. The ceremony throughout was one of the most solemn and impressive that has taken place in Owen Sound. Commencing with a short service of dedication and blessing of the memorial, the officiating priests, Fathers Finnegan, Murphy, Sharpe, McNulty and Roach, proceeded from the cemetery gate to the oval in the centre, chanting the Mass of the Stations of the cross, Father Roach conducting the service. At the oval where the memorial is placed, Father Powell delivered an eloquent and impressive address on the divinity of the Christ.

The memorial, which is placed in the Oval, where the remains of Father Granottier lie, is one worthy of the man in whose memory it is erected. The base is of grey stone, very plain in design, and bears on its face in the centre the monogram I.H.S. On the copestone in the inscription "In Memory of Rev. F. X. Granottier" and on the same face, and flanking the central design, the words "Born at Val Fleury France, October 7, 1836. Ordained 1852. Labored in the Owen Sound Missions 1863-1917. Died March 2, 1917." And at the foot, "Requiescat in Pace" In the centre is placed a large bronze crucifix, flanked by bronze figures, the whole forming a striking group. The whole is a most beautiful composition and a decided ornament in the cemetery. It is the gift of a large number of the members of the churches here and in the vicinity , where Father Granottier spent so many years of labor, and where his influence will still be felt for many years to come.

The view from behind facing the road.

Information on Father Francois Xavier Granottier
The photos were taken 5 November 2008 by Janet Iles

Friday, August 21, 2009

What do Cemeteries Teach us about Cultural History - upcoming talk

Ken Turner will speak about "What Cemeteries Teach Us about Cultural History" at the August 25 meeting of the Bruce Grey Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. The meeting will be held at Frank Street Baptist Church in Wiarton, Ontario.

There is a business meeting prior to the talk. Everyone is welcome to attend.

As a graveyard rabbit, I look forward to his talk.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Cornier at McLeans Cemetery

Leo J

on side - Book of Life

buried in McLeans Cemetery on Holland - Sydenham line in Grey County, Ontario. It is a beautiful country cemetery.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My favorite cemetery photo? How can I choose?

When walking through a cemetery, you often notice a monument or marking that catches your interest. Perhaps, it is the shape, the wording or perhaps the flowers or mementos that are close by.

Recently, I visited Ventry Cemetery in Proton Township, Grey County, Ontario. For me, this cemetery was not on a regular route but one I was checking for a client.

My list for the cemetery was in alphabetical order and not as it was set out in rows, so I had to look at each stone. I was calling out the name of the ones I was looking for. Where are you? While I was doing this, I found a most interesting one.

To the Glory of God
Olive Emmeline Clarke
Nov 17 1933 -- Oct 12 1985
Beloved wife of
Ronald James Brooks
Apr 12, 1934 -- Jan 21 2001

Click on the photo to enlarge it so that you can read the poem that Olive wrote when she had cancer.

This is the first time that I have seen a poem written by the person who is laid to rest. The names of the children are on the stone. The illustrations show something of the spirit of the couple. It looks like they loved to square dance.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cemetery in Proton Township Reorganized Church of Jessus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Here at Graveyard Rabbit of Grey County, Ontario, I primarily blog about Grey County cemeteries but from time to time, I will blog about other cemeteries of interest.

Yesterday, while working on a client project, I visited two cemeteries in Proton Township, part of the municipality of Southgate. Today, I will write about the Latter Day Saints Cemetery at lot 15, concession 15. It was actually the cemetery for the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This denomination has changed its name to Community of Christ Church. The church is active. According to the Township of Proton, 1857-1982 : a history, the church was built at this site in 1891. The old sign is behind the building.

What is interesting about this cemetery is how hilly the land is. There is quite the slope to climb. Below is a photo looking down. Of course, the main one I was looking for was almost to the top. The marker had broken off and was lying on the hillside with what looked like the base to the right.

Below are some photos looking up.

My question is - Was the land this hilly and rolling when the site for the church and the cemetery was chosen or has the contour changed over the years?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Edgehill Cemetery flooded in January is now being examined by Archaeologists

In January, I wrote about the damage due to flooding at Edgehill Cemetery.

Today, the Owen Sound Sun-Times reports that archaeologists are hard at work going through the bones, mapping where they are found and hoping they can match things as best they can.

The full article is available to read here.

It will be a long process to sift through the bones by metre square plots. According to the article, the Cemeteries Act requires that all the bones have to be recovered. It is up to the next of kin to determine what happens after.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grey County Graveyards

Some of the Graveyards in Grey County have been photographed and their images placed on the Canada Genweb Project Site. Those that have images show an icon to the right of the name in the Grey County list.

Thank you to the volunteers who undertake these projects.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Veterans - We will remember them

In Greenwood Cemetery, I found some stones with a special label to indicate that a person had been a veteran. An example of the label is shown above. This monument shown above commemorates a veteran -- Ernest Tompkins. (I have blanked out the name of a person still living, son of the couple listed above.
The label indicating that they had been a veteran reminds us of the service they gave to their country.
We will remember them.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Daniel and Agnes Trotter continued

The question posed at the end of the previous post on Daniel and Agnes Trotter was "What is Agnes' maiden name?" In the records checked, three different possibilities were found: Lomant, Lemon and Lemont

So it was time to look for more information on the family. I went to the Our Roots website to check in the History of Sydenham Township for search for Lamont/Lemont/Lomant. Lamont gives several hits.

Brothers Roger and Daniel Lamont came from Glasgow Scotland in 1843 to Owen Sound where they worked as coopers. In May 1849, Daniel got the east half of lot 16 Concession 1 NCR Sydenham Township from the crown. Daniel and wife sold the property on 21 January 1862. Daniel also received land at lot 21 Concession 1 NCR. In the Woodford (Sydenham) Women's Institute Tweedsmuir history the reference to the property is listed as the east half of lot 16 Concession 1 SCR. [Check land records to confirm correct address but it is most likely a typing error.]

The History of Sydenham Township, includes a copy of the 1865 Directory of Grey, the Sydenham Township portion done by W.W. Smith that shows Daniel Lamont, property owner of lot 21 Concession 1 NCR.

The Tweedsmuir history also provides more information on Daniel Lamont. He was the Vice-President of the Sydenham Mutual Insurance Company in 1874.

Death registrations for Agnes Lamont's parents have the Lamont spelling of the surname. The 1881 cenus has the family indexed as Lament. Agnes' brother Daniel is indexed as David. The handwriting makes it difficult to tell whether it is an "o" or an "a"

Although, LOMONT was carved in stone, Lamont would appear to the "usual" spelling of the name. Lemon, a well known surname in northern Sydenham Township, is an error in the marriage registration, in my opinion. If this was my family, I would check some original sources to verify what was the "usual" spelling of the name.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Daniel and Agnes Trotter

I noticed this stone during my walk in Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound. It is without ornamentation but it shows that they died within a year of each other. Also an added bonus is her maiden name. Read on and see what I discovered when I went searching for more information.

Daniel Trotter 1849-1924
Agnes Lomant 1851-1923

Daniel Trotter's death registration indicates that he was born in Bognor (Sydenham Township), son of James Trotter and Jane McArthur. He died 1 November 1924 and was buried on 4 November 1924 in Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound. He was living in Owen Sound at the time of his death. [1]

Agnes Stark Trotter's death registration indicates that she was born in Sydenham Township, daughter of Daniel Lamont and Mary Thompson. She died 30 August 1923 and was buried on 1 September 1923 in Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound. She was living in Owen Sound at the time of her death. [2]

A search for their marriage resulted in finding, a marriage between Daniel Trotter and Agnes Lemon on 25 January 1878 in Owen Sound. He is listed as the son of James and Jane Trotter. She is listed as the daughter of Daniel and Mary Lemon. [3]

Now we have three different spellings of the surname of Agnes. The monument is written LOMANT; her death registration as Lamont (looks very much an a instead of an o) and her marriage registration gives her surname as Lemon. Interesting. That means some more research when time permits.

What is Agnes' maiden name?

I am not related to this family.

[1] Daniel Trotter Ontario death registration #014497 (3 November 1924) digitial image Ancestry.ca (http://www.ancestry.ca/ ; accessed 19 May 2009); citing microfilm MS 935 reel 312

[2]Agnes Stark Trotter Ontario death registration #015661 (3 August 1923), digital image Ancestry.ca (http://www.ancestry.ca/ ; accessed 19 May 2009); citing mirfoim MS 935 reel 312

Daniel Trotter - Agnes Lemon [sic] Ontario marriage #003231 (25 January 1878) digital image Ancestry.ca (http://www.ancestry.ca/ : accessed 19 May 2009; citing microfilm MS 932 Reel 26

Monday, April 20, 2009

Robert Malcom and Agnes Campbell

Robert Malcom
His Wife
Agnes Campbell

Robert and Agnes Malcom were the paternal grandparents of Allen Beatty Malcom who died during the First World War. For the last several years, I have been researching the men connected with Knox United Church (formerly Presbyterian) who paid the supreme sacrifice during the First World War. The church organ is dedicated in their memory. My goal is to complete the writing before September.

Allen Beatty Malcom's Paternal Grandparents
Robert Malcom was born in Antrim, Ireland on 6 August 1831. Agnes Campbell was born in Ireland in about 1830. They were married in April 1854 in Ireland. [1] The couple came to Canada around 1855. [2] Their son Robert was born in Ontario about 1858. Robert and Agnes Malcom had been active members of Knox Presbyterian Church in Owen Sound before they moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1905. Robert had worked as a building contractor until his retirement in 1899. He served on the town and the county council and on the Board of Works. Robert had been a church elder and for 30 years, he was the Sunday School Superintendent.

Allen’s paternal grandparents, Robert and Agnes were living with their son William and family in Winnipeg in 1906. [3] On 16 June 1907, Agnes died. [4] She is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound. The 1911 census shows Robert living with William and family in Owen Sound. Robert returned to Winnipeg [5] and died there on 14 February 1917 at the home of his son David. He also spent time with a daughter in Vancouver. Robert’s funeral was in Owen Sound and he is buried in Greenwood Cemetery. [6]

Some information about Allen

Allen met his death in the fighting around Lens on the 30 August 1917. He was killed instantly by bursting shell. Allen died just four days before his 19th birthday. [7] Allen is buried in Aix-Noulette Communal Cemetery Extension in the Department of the Pas-de-Calais south of Bethune on the main road to Arras. [8]

[1] Agnes Malcom obituary “Died in Winnipeg” newspaper not given, 1907; Bruce Grey Branch Ontario Genealogical Society Surname Collection microfiche.
[2] 1901 Ontario Census Grey North, District 65, Sub-district D-11 Town of Owen Sound, p. 5; Library and Archives Canada digital image
[3] William M. Malcolm [sic] household 1906 Winnipeg District #10, Ward 1 p. 31; Library and Archives Canada digital image www.collectionscanada.ca
[4] Agnes Malcom Manitoba death registration Province of Manitoba. Consumer & Corporate Affairs Vital Statistics Database Index. http://web2.gov.mb.ca/cca/vital/Query.php
[5] William M. Malcom household 1911 Ontario Census Grey North #73, Owen Sound #43 p. 16; Library and Archives Canada digital image www.collectionscanada.ca
[6] Malcom obituary “Robert Malcolm Died in Winnipeg”
[7]Allen Beatty Malcom obituaries. “Allan Malcom Killed in Action” ” newspaper not given, Sept. 1917; Bruce Grey Branch Ontario Genealogical Society Surname Collection microfiche; “Allen Malcom, W. McReynolds Died of Wounds Owen Sound Sun Sept 1917 p. 1; “Letter from Pte. Malcolm’s Captain” Oct 2, 1917.;
[8]Allen Beatty Malcom Commonwealth War Graves Commission Database;

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Badjeros Cemetery (4) - Stewart

In memory of twin sons
of Richard and Mary
died June 10 1872
You cannot see the bottom line in the photo. According to the transcription of the monument by the Bruce Grey Branch Ontario Genealogical Society Badjeros Union Cemetery (Osprey Township Grey County) the last line is
age 2 days.
I was not able to find either birth nor death information doing a search on Ancestry.ca using different variables for these unnamed twin boys.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Badjeros Cemetery (3) - Stewart

This is a continuation of tombstones at Badjeros Cemetery in Osprey Township, Grey County, Ontario. The first posting and second posting also highlight family of Holly at Raeburn Family Odyssey

Back of Richard & Mary Stewart's stone, son James Sanderson Stewart & wife Ella M. Taylor

James S. Stewart

his beloved wife
Ella M. Taylor


James Sanderson Stewart married Mary Ella Taylor 4 November 1903 in Nottawasaga, Simcoe County, Ontario. He was the son of Richard Stewart and Mary Rayburn. She was the daughter of John Taylor and Annie McCorkell [?].

James Sanderson Stewart - Mary Ella Taylor Ontario marriage registration #017298 (6 November 1903); digital image Ancestry (http://www.ancestry.ca/ ; accessed 3 March 2009); citing Archives of Ontario MS 932 Reel 112, Toronto

Friday, February 20, 2009

Is it a tree trunk used as a gravemarker?

If you were casually walking past this grave marker, you would be sure that it was a tree trunk creatively used as a grave marker, but it is not. It is made of stone. Notice also how a stone potted plant rests permanently at the base of the marker.

The last name is Williams

This grave marker is found in the Greenwood Cemetery in Owen Sound, Ontario. This photograph was taken during a tour of the cemetery in September 2007.

More details will be added later.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Badjeros Cemetery (2) - Stewart

Richard Stewart son of William & Susan McCormack Stewart, his wife Mary Raeburn daughter of Wm Raeburn & Margaret McCormack,Their son Richard Lee Stewart & wife M. Alice Taylor
Photos from Holly at Raeburn Family Odyssey

Richard Stewart
Born Aug. 18, 1840 Died June 27, 1935

Mary Raeburn beloved wife of
Richard Stewart
Born Mar. 10 1844, Died Feb. 10, 1925

R. Lee Stewart
Born Dec. 28, 1881 Died Nov. 15 1971

His beloved wife
M. Alice Taylor
Born Apr. 13 1884 Died July 19, 1975

Nearer my God to thee


Checking Mary's death registration, I found the following information. She is listed as a widow. Her son James is the informant and he is living in Singhampton. Her date of birth is given as Feb 17th 1844. Her parents are shown as William Raeburn and Margaret McCormick both born in Ireland. Mary is listed as living in Ontario all her life. Discrepancies in the date of birth are understandable but why is she called a widow?

On the marriage registration of R. Lee Stewart and M. Alice Taylor, we get their full names -- Richard Leopold Stewart and Martha Alice Taylor. They were married 22 March 1911 in Simcoe County.

Mary Stewart Ontario death registration #014577 (13 February 1925)digital image, Ancestry.ca (http://www.ancestry.ca : accessed 14 February 2009); citing Archives of Ontario microfilm Ms 935 reel 324, Toronto.

Richard Leopold Stewart - Martha Alice Taylor Ontario marriage registration (22 March 1911) digital image Ancestry.ca (http://www.ancestry.ca : accessed 14 February 2009); citing Archives of Ontario microfilm Ms932 reel 176, Toronto

Friday, January 30, 2009

South Union Line Cemetery aka Badjeros Union Cemetery

South Union Line Cemetery aka Badjeros Union Cemetery is located in the former township of Osprey within the municipality of Grey Highlands in Grey County, Ontario. (Lot 60 Concession 3 Osprey Township)

Although I have Stiver relatives buried at this cemetery, I have yet to visit this cemetery.

The following photos came to me from Holly at Raeburn Family Odyssey. Some of her family connections are buried there.

Information from Holly --
Wm Stewart b abt 1800 County Monaghan Ireland d abt 26 Jan 1876, emigrated with wife Susan McCormack and children (all born in Ireland) c 1840. Children: Samuel b 1819, John b 1824 , George b 1830 , William b 1831, Mary b 1833, Alex b 1835 , Margaret b 1837, Richard b 1840. Wm & Family lived on the County line of Grey/Simcoe Co in Maple Valley, Osprey Twp Grey County.

The photos were taken by Dorothy Hiltz of Collingwood who has given her permission for these photos to be posted here.

Note: William Stewart's death was not registered until 13 July 1876 by informant John Ferguson of Honeywood. (#003841) 13 July 1876 MS 935 Reel 12, Archives of Ontario

Thank you Holly and Dorothy.

I will post more of their photos in another posting.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rain causes damage at neighbouring county cemetery

The Sun Times headline of an article on December 30, 2008 pA2 read "Monuments toppled, vaults exposed at cemetery"

The culprit was the thaw and heavy rains that came down recently in this area. The section involved is the oldest section (southern section) of Edgehill Cemetery in Colpoy's Bay, Albemarle Township, South Bruce Peninsula, Bruce County, Ontario.

The creek above the cemetery overflowed. The graves in this area are from the early 20th century.The Grey Bruce Health Unit sent an inspector to assess the situation.

The full newspaper article from December 31, 2008 "No threat from grave damage" is on the newspaper's site with photos by James Masters shown in a video. Mayor Gwen Gilbert is quoted

that she expects recommendations on repairs once the municipal office reopens next week.

Staff will be making some recommendations as to how to restore the site as quickly as possible while maintianing the dignity of the persons and the families involved.

The cemetery is closed from public visitiation as a safety measure until work can be done. The municipality placed a notice in the December 30 edition of the newspaper "Notice to Relative of Persons buried in Edgehill-Colpoy's Bay Cemetery. "The municiaplity is attempting to contact relatives of those graves involved and maintain the security and dignity of the area."

This is the first time I have heard of flooding and erosion problems in cemeteries in this area. I am pleased that the municipality is trying its best to protect the area and to preserve the sanctity of this cemetery.