Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Last Ride


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The History Hare has written about the Horse Drawn Hearse "The Last Ride" in the most recent issue of the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal Above is an example of an old fashioned horse drawn hearse during the City of Owen Sound 150th Parade in August 2007.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Trethewey and Coad

Capt. John Trethewey
died Dec 25th 1916 in his 77th year
his wife
Catherine Coad
died Dec 12th 1927 in her 82nd year
Richard James Trethewey
born Mar 11 1869 died Nov. 6 1942

Captain John Trethewey died in Toronto but was returned to Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound for burial. He was born in England, the son of Richard Threthewey. No mother is listed in the death registration. [1]

According to his obituary that appeared in Toronto World 27 December 1916, Capt. John was a retired mining engineer. He had lived in Toronto for the last 10 years of his life. [2] John had married Catherine Coad on 24 March 1864 at Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal (Anglican) [3]. While he lived in Owen Sound, he was President of the Grey and Bruce Trust Company. [4]

Catherine died 12 December 1927 in Wiarton, Ontario. She was born in Land's End England, the daughter of William Coad and Catherine Thomas. Her son, R. J. Trethewey of London, Ontario was the informant.[5]

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This is not my family. Future postings will continue with more Trethewey monuments.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Gunn and Bebee

This tombstone is from Greenwood Cemetery Owen Sound

GUNN                                                                   BEBEE
Catherine Gunn                                                       Milton E. Bebee
1831-1893                                                              1853-1927
wife of Angus Gunn                                                Mary C H Gunn
1829 - 1901                                                            1865-1930

As with all research, what seems like it would be a straight search for information turns out to be slightly more complicated.

Catherine's death registration was found quickly on Ancestry. It gives her name as Catherine Angus Gunn. She was born in Scotland and was a farmer's wife.  The informant for her death was the Rev'd Alexander McLennan of Hoath Head. She died in Sydenham Township, Grey County 27 October 1893. [1]

In 1891 according to the census, Catherine, Angus and daughter Mary are living in Sydenham Township.

In 1901, Angus is shown in the census with his daughter Mary (listed as Minnie) and her husband Milton Bebee in Owen Sound.

Angus, according to his tombstone and the Greenwood Cemetery online database his year of death is 1906. The database gives the date of death as 13 August 1906 with the burial the following day. Despite trying many different searches, I did not find the death registration for Angus.

 Milton Bebee was a harness manufacturer in Owen Sound. He died 25 February 1927 in Owen Sound.  [2] Almost three years later, his wife Mary died on 9 January 1930 [3]

To confirm the connection between the Gunn family and Bebee family, I searched for a marriage registration for Milton and Mary. I found two registrations for them, two years apart with two different dates and places of marriages. Their ages increased appropriately by two years. Milton's parents didn't have common first names and in both registrations they are the same.His father was Steadman and his mother Tryphosa.

The first took place in Toronto on 5 July 1892. [4] The second took place 17 January 1894 in Sydenham Township. [5]  Each had different witnesses. As with all research, you end up with questions. Why were their two marriage registrations?

This is not my family.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

May (Iles) Litherland - Tombstone Tuesday


Edith May Iles
wife of
Jack Litherland

May was my dad's oldest sister. She was born in Small Heath, Birmingham England on 28 May 1904. The following year, the family moved to Grey County, Ontario. In 1929, she married Jack Litherland. I am not sure what year they moved to England but she did return to Canada. In her latter years, she lived with her mother who predeceased her by only a month. May died 17 June 1967. She is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound.