Tuesday, August 4, 2015

MacKinnon - MacNicol at Ayton Cemetery - a Magnificent Monument

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This monument is not only interesting because of its grandeur, but it is also a gem for a family historian because of the information engraved on the stone. The information provides pointers for finding more records and information. Just because the information is engraved in stone, it may not be 100% correct. The monument is found at the Ayton Union Cemetery, Ayton, Grey County, Ontario.

On the front side

In Memory of
beloved wife of
John Ritchie MacNicol
and only daughter of the late
Duncan and Dorthea MacKinnon
who departed this life
September 22nd 1932

"To be with Christ is far better"


John Ritchie MacNicol, LLD
son of the late William and Harriet E. MacNicol
Born at Beaverton, Ontario
August 31st 1878
and passed away at Toronto
June 18th 1950

"Herein did he exercise always to have a conscience void of offence
towards God and towards men"

On one side is a long description of the work of John. 

John R. MacNicol was an [sic] MP for twenty
years. He was recognized as the great
advocate for the preservation of our
natural resources. He knew the worth of
all rivers in Western Canada for
irrigation purposes. Was responsible
for the conception of a great dam on 
the south Saskatchewan River
Through his friendship with Jack Miner
of Kingsville and his bird sanctuary
he piloted the bill through Parliament
by which Canada observes Wild Life Week
by Act of Parliament
 His Sister Maude

On another side Maysie's brother, Duncan, is remembered.

In memory of
Son of the late
Duncan and Dorothea MacKinnon
born September 1, 1876
Entered into rest March 23 1929

"He shall abide before God for ever."

Maysie was born according to her death registration 8 August 1878. She taught school until she married John MacNicol.  According to John's birth registration, he was born in Thorah Township, 31 August 1877. This is one year earlier than the date on the monument. John taught school at SS #9 Normanby.

 They moved to Toronto. John and Maysie were married 6 January 1915 in Toronto. At the time of their marriage, John was listed as a manager. 

When she became ill in February 1932, Maysie left her home in Toronto and returned to the family farm. She died 22 September 1932. She was 54 years old. The funeral was held at the farm and it is reported 500  were in attendance. Her husband used part of her estate to erect a monument that he imported from Portugal and the cost is said to have been $15,000.

John was a member of Parliament for 20 years. He was a great advocate for the preservation of natural resources as mentioned on the monument. 

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