Sunday, November 11, 2012


In Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound, I found this monument as I strolled through the cemetery on a mission to find military memorials back in November 2009.

838171 Private
Lorne J. Ross
24th Battn CEF
24th June 1934

Lorne had served in the First World War but he did return home after the War but his health was affected by his time overseas. A search on Ancestry, led me to Canada, War Graves Registers: Circumstances of Casualty, 1914-1948 Record [database] for Lorne J Ross. It provided a link to the digital image of the form. Lorne's early death at the age of 36 was attributed to his service. He died in Christie St. Hospital in Toronto, Ontario  where he had been a patient for seven weeks according to his death registration. Lorne was single and had worked as a civil servant. He was working as a waiter when he enlisted in December 1915.  He gave his birth as a year earlier than it actually was, as did many young men did when they enlisted. Lornton John  Ross was born 21 June 1898 to  John Ross and Margaret Jane Hammond of Owen Sound.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Shiloh Cemetery, Holland Township, Grey County, Ontario

In memory of our pioneers

Photos taken July 25, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Lanktree - Langtry

In the cemetery in the churchyard of St. James Anglican Church, Fairmount, Ontario (near Meaford), I spied this monument where the husband and wife's surname were very similar.

Margaret A. Lanktree
wife of
Richard Langtry
Richard Langtry

It is interesting that in their marriage registration, both surnames are spelt Langtry. Margaret Ann daughter of Richard and Margaret Langtry married Richard, son of James and Eliza Langtry 30 June 1879 in Euphrasia Township, Grey County, Ontario. Margaret Ann had been born there. Richard was from Armaranth Township. [1]

In 1871, Margaret Ann Lanktree is living with her parents and siblings in Euphrasia Township. [2]

Margaret died 13 April 1921 at the Western Hospital in Toronto.[3] Richard died 15 June 1929 at the Toronto General Hospital. [4]

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[3]Margaret Langtry Ontario death registration #003278 (16 April 1921); digital image, ( : accessed 10 September 2012), citing microfilm MS 935 Reel 274, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.

[4] Richard Langtry Ontario death registration #005670 (17 June 1929); digital image,  ( : accessed 10 September 2012), citing microfilm MS 935, Reel 368, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lakeview Cemetery - Meaford, Ontario

Yesterday, a friend and I visited Lakeview Cemetery in Meaford. Although, I went there to find monuments for clients, I also did some graveyard rabbit work. I am always on the look out for interesting tombstones, grave markers, etc. This was our first visit to this cemetery.

I had gone with my list and a map from the Bruce Grey Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society's transcription of the cemetery. This map showed where Row 1 and Stone 1 for section began. I had the coordinates for each that I was specifically looking for. For those who visit cemeteries, in particular larger cemeteries, you realize that even with the coordinates, it still can be challenging to locate what you are looking for. This cemetery has certainly made it much easier.

Locating the cemetery was the biggest challenge.  I don't have a GPS but here are the coordinates according to Google Maps GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 44.59768, Longitude: -80.56961

Once we entered, things became much easier.

1. The map

2. The signs for each section

I liked knowing where a section began. Each sign is very unobtrusive but gives you the information you need to know. I wish my local cemetery did this for each section. It would certainly make the search much easier.

The day was perfect for our visit. It was warm enough for short sleeves but not so hot to be uncomfortable. The sun was shining and sky was blue. We only saw a small portion of the cemetery but it is one that I will certainly visit again. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Cowan

Hugh Cowan is the great-grandfather of a person who contacted me when they found my blog.

Hugh Cowan was the editor of Mer Douce a magazine that chronicled life in Owen Sound in 1921-23 that was collected into a hardcover edition.  Some information about him can be found at

Hugh Cowan is buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

John Cowan
Native of Oban Scotland
His wife Mary McLean
Native of Mull Scotland
Their children Hector
Mary J

Laura Elizabeth Cowan
Julia Brady

Their dau

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Long Family at Greenwood Cemetery

Clara Christina Hartmier
wife of
Isaac Stephen Long
Capt. Alexander Sandy Long

The above stone is in Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound, Ontario.

Clara's death registration provides the following information: Clara Christina Long died at age 27 years 8 months and 8 days on 20 December 1912 in Owen Sound. She was born in the Township of Sullivan. She was a housewife and married. Her parents were George Hartmier and Catherine Trunisky. Clara died of Cerebral hemorrhage and her doctor was A. B. Rutherford. The informant was Isaac Stephen Long of Owen Sound. The date of the return was 30 December 1912. [1]

The registration that followed hers on the same page was of the death of their still born daughter from the previous day. [2]

The couple were married in Chatsworth, Ontario 20 September 1901.[3]

Isaac Stephen Long's birth registration shows his name as Stephen Isaac Long. His birth was registered twice in the records by Charles Gordon, clerk. Isaac Long was the son of William Long and Anne Jane Henderson. William was a weaver in Sydenham Township. Isaac was born 27 June 1873.[4]

Isaac died 15 September 1938 in Owen Sound from Bright's Disease.[5]

Alexander Long was born 15 December 1901 most likely in Owen Sound. The second page of the transcription is not available on [6] Many registrations are missing their second page on Ancestry.

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