Saturday, October 24, 2009

Carnival of Graveyard Rabbits - Epitaph

This Carnival asked graveyard rabbit bloggers to write their epitaph as they would like it written. When walking through cemeteries, it is fun to read the epitaphs inscribed on the markers.

As my marker, is already in place and it shares the information for my parents and is a flat marker, there will be no place for an epitaph. If I was going to have an epitaph, perhaps, it would read.

"Janet the researcher, loving aunt and sister"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Stiver family at Badjeros Cemetery

Henry Frankie Stiver
died Feb 8, 1907
aged 5 years [-?-]
Henry F Stiver
died Dec 19 1939
aged 76 years
Bertram Harvey Stiver
died Oct 28 1955
aged 64 years

Buried at Badjeros Cemetery, Osprey Township, Grey County, Ontario

Henry Frankie Stiver was born 4 July 1901. His birth was registered in Collingwood, Simcoe Ontario. His parents were Henry Stiver and Abbie Smith. It gives the residence of the father as Collingwood and working as a labourer. [1]

Frankie died in Toronto on 8 February 1907 from septic peritonitis. His residence is given as Dundalk. [in Grey County]. It is interesting to note that Dundalk is given in the death registration as the place of birth. [2]

Henry F Stiver is the father. He was born about 1863 in Markham, Ontario. He was the son of Edward Stiver and Rosanna Elizabeth Dickson.

Bertram Harvey Stiver is another son of Henry. He was born in Osprey Township on 31 May 1891 to Henry Francis Stiver and Abbie Olga Smith. [3]

[1] Henry Frank Stiver Ontario birth registration #039286 (27 August 1901); digital image, ( ; accessed 20 October 2009), citing microfilm MS 929 reel 155, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.

[2] Frank Stiver Ontario death registration #001491 (9 February 1907); digital image, ( ; accessed 20 October 2009), citing microfilm MS 935 reel 128, Archives of Ontario, Toronto

[3] Bertram Harvey Stiver Ontario birth registration #015111 (28 June 1891); digital image, ( ; accessed 20 October 2009), citing microfilm MS 929 reel 104, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

German Pioneers' Day - Tribute to the Markham Berczy Settlers

Stoeber (Stiver) ancestors buried at Bethesda Burying Ground - Markham, Ontario
They were part of the group that came with William Berczy in 1794 to Markham, Ontario

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

Last week,I was at the Toronto Necropolis and Crematorium doing work for a client. I had made an appointment to see the records and see where my client's uncle's ashes were interred. The client had made the initial contact. As always, I learned something new that I would like to share. I will not name names because of privacy reasons.

The Necropolis has two large registers - one details the burials and one for the cremations. These books are very large in size in all dimensions. 

The Register of Burial provides the following information:
No., Surname, Given names, Age at death - years, months, days (if known), place of birth (not often filled in), place and date of death, date of burial and plot location

The Register of Cremations provides the following information:
No., name of deceased, age in years, months, days, place of birth (not often filled in), where and when died, when cremated, cause of death, coroner signing certificate, Name, address and relationship of applicant, funeral director and disposition of ashes (whether ashes taken away and date, or reference of location of burial). Some of the burials of cremains are in the ground while others may be in niches.

One code of interest was CBP = Common Burial Plot - Twenty burials of cremains will be in the area 10 across in 2 rows. There is a burial map that would show the exact location within this area of each individual.

A small cement marker with a number shows the location. On the tree in the area indicates the Section.

Although, it was a chilly morning we took time to stroll around some of the grounds. I will post some more photos another day. Today's Tombstone Tuesday over at Janet the Researcher is also from this cemetery.

Necropolis = Greek for "City of the Dead "