Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Johnstone Cemetery

It is just over two years ago that I went for a Sunday afternoon drive with a friend when we came upon a small roadside cemetery. I insisted that we stop to have a look.

A view of the area from the road.
The Cairn remembering the former church
 Presbyterian Church

This cairn is erected in constant and
loving memory to the pioneers of the
Johnstone community who found a
House of God about 1859 and to the suc-
cessive congregatons of dedicated men and
women and their pastors, who in 1920,
by the generosity of John Johnstone built
a new brick church on this site, where
they worshiped until it was closed in 1969.

part of the area

In commeration of
the 150th anniversary of
the arrival of
Peter and Janet MacGregor
In March 1842
with their children
from the Isle of Mull, Scotland

I posted some information about the cairn and church in a previous blog article