Sunday, November 3, 2013

Little Simon Albrecht

Simon Herman Albrecht died 1 November 1884 according to the tombstone or 31October 1884 according to his death registration. Simon's stone was found at The Mannerow Cemetery (Cedardale) in Sullivan Township, Grey County, Ontario.

Zum Andenken an = In memory of
Simon Herman
Sohn von = son of
Edward und Carolina
gest. den 1 Nov 1884 = died 1 Nov 1884
im Alter von = aged
3 Jahr und 6 Tag = 3 years,  6 days

In his birth and death registrations, his name is anglicised as Simon Herman Albright.

Simon was born 25 October 1881 to Edward Albright and Caroline Brightfield lot 21, concession 6. [1]
He died of diphtheria 31 October / 1 November 1884. Both his stone and his death registration give his age at death as 3 years 6 days. [2] Four other children, with the same registration date, also died of diphtheria.

Simon never was listed on a census, nor is he listed in the short section in the History of Sullivan Vol. II, p 30-31 "Albright Family"
Includes a photo of Edward Albright and his wife Caroline Breitfeldt

Edward was born about 1844 in Germany. He and his wife lived at pt lot 20, concession 6 of Sullivan Township. The book mentions Frederick who was born the year Simon died (6 March 1884).

Looking at census records on Ancestry gives a better picture of the family and who would have mourned the loss of little Simon Albrecht besides his parents.
1871 Census -  North Waterloo - Wilhemina (4), John (3) and Edward (1) [could this be their family too?]
1881 Census - Sullivan Township - Amy (14), Luther (13), Moses (10) all listed as Albrecht; Mary (9), David (7), Rebecca (6), Joseph (3), Sarah (1) listed as Albright.
1891 Census Emma (24), Luther (23), Moses (21), Mary Ann (19), David (18), Rebecca (16), Joseph (14), Sarah (12), Fred (7), Caroline (5), Noah (3)
1901 Census - Moses (31), Mary (29), Caroline (15), Frederick (17), Noah (14), Joseph (23)
1911 Census -  indexed as Rush (22) but is possibly Noah [When Noah married in 1915 - he went by Albrecht]

[1] Simon Albright Ontario birth registration #010040 (19 April 1882); digital image, ( : accessed 2 November 2013), citing microfilm MS 929 Reel 53, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.

[2] Simon Herman Albright  Ontario death registration #005378 (5 November 1884); digital image, ( : accessed 2 November 2013), citing microfilm MS 935 Reel 37, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.

Thanks to my sister for translating the text. Unfortunately, the writing at the bottom of the stone is not clear and not large enough. Perhaps, I will pay another visit to this cemetery.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Whitelaw family - part 3 - Meaford, Ontario

Florance C.
Apr 23 1862
aged 3 mos & 9 days
Merton C
son of
C. J. & E. M
Oct 1 1882
Aged 2 mos & 13 days
Albert son of C. J. & E. M.
died July 15 1887
Aged 5 ms 15 dys
George J. C.
Died at Carman Man.
Nov. 10 1893
Aged 36 yrs 3 mos 22 dys
Gone home to rest
Thomas Whitelaw
died July 26 1912
aged 70 yrs 4 ms 11 ds

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Whitelaw family part 2 at Meaford, Ontario

Sarah Amelia E.
Wife of
H. S. Knowles
Died Aug 28. 1883
27 yrs 11 mos 20ds
Gone to rest
Robt. John A.
Died Feb 19, 1884
20 yrs 7 mos 13 ds
Blessed are the pure in heart for
they shall see God
Elizabeth J. Whitelaw
Wife of J. H. Long
Died at Edmonton, NWT
Aug 26 1884
Aged 34 yrs 1 mo 3ds
For me to live is Christ and to die is gain
Joseph Crow Whitelaw
Died Jan 5 1887
Aged 34 yrs 3 mo's
He that overcometh shall inherit all things
Mary E.
Dau. of J. C. & M. T. Whitelaw
died June 26, 1886
Aged 1 yr 6 m's
Of such is the kingdom of heaven
Robert John A. Whitelaw died of a ruptured blood vessel in the brain. [AO MS 935 Reel 37]
Joseph Crow Whitelaw died of consumption [AO MS 935 Reel 47]
Mary Elizabeth Whitelaw died of inflammation of the brain [AO MS 935 Reel 47]
All died at a young age.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Whitelaw family Post #1 - Meaford Cemetery, Ontario

The Whitelaw family took advantage of all sides of the monument. Over the next few weeks, I will show the different sides.

William Whitelaw Sen.
April 23, 1880
65 yrs, 7 mo's  &12 days
Native of Glasgow
Come to Canada in 1820
settled in St. Vincent
Blessed are the dead which died in
the Lord Rev. XiV 13
Sarah Crow
Wife of
Wm. Whitelaw Sen.
Died Jan 30 1895
74 yrs, 9 mos, 23ds
Native of Portsmouth
Susan L. Whitelaw
1846 - 1933
In the 1851 Census of Canada West, Grey County, St. Vincent Township, William is there with his wife Sarah and 7 children, ranging in ages 14 to 2 (coming about 2 years apart). Their religion is Disciples of Christ.
Sarah's death registration gives her age at death as 74 years, 10 months, 9 days and the cause old age. (MS 935, Reel 74, Archives of Ontario)
No death registration was found for William on Ancestry.
Family history can be found at this site. I have not verified the information given there.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday at Hemstock's Cemetery, Sullivan Township

Hemstock's Cemetery is located on Highway 6 in Sullivan Township.
George Hemstock and Fanny Proud
In Memory
Sept. 6, 1908
60 yrs 8 mos
at rest
his wife
Fanny J. Proud
Fanny and George were married 25 January 1872 (MS 932 Reel 6, Archives of Ontario). George death was registered in Arran Township, Bruce County, Ontario (MS 935 Reel 134 Archives of Ontario).

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Gunn - McKay connection

In Greenwood Cemetery in Owen Sound, there is a stone that I photographed back in 2010 with the names Gunn and McKay on it. I do not remember if I photographed it for any special reason. Perhaps because of the surname Gunn. In 2010, I was working on my soldiers project and one of the soldiers that I was researching for the book was Alexander McKay Gunn. In an article over on Janet the Researcher, entitled Elizabeth Shown Mills - Fan Club concept, I talked about the multiple connections I was finding with the Gunn - McKay - McGregor families.

In that article, I talked about Alexander McKay Gunn who was born in Keppel Township on 13 January 1884 and was killed in the First World War. His mother, Johanna McKay was the  daughter of Alexander McKay and Betsy Gunn. His father, John Gunn, was the son of Donald Gunn and Elizabeth McDonald.

I am not sure of the family connection to those listed on this stone but it is interesting to note the Gunn and McKay names.

 East side of the stone


Ann             William J
1852- 1895                   1871 -1890

Donald Gunn  his wife Janet McKay
1828-1895                          1828- 1914

Margaret Sutherland
relict of the late
 Neil McKay

Native of Caithess Scotland

West side of the stone
Donald McKay Gunn
1861 - 1926
Margaret Gunn
devoted friend James Sayer
Checking with the Greenwood Cemetery online listing to see if there were any other burials in G-SEC 6- 8- , I found that there were others listed.  In that section were the following:
Adams, Ann age 28 died 27 Sep 1880
Adams, Ann infant died 22 Oct 1880 [death registrations informant Donald Gunn - marriage registration = Ann married to James Adams]
Gunn, Allan (infant of ), still born, 1922
Gunn, Donald McKay 65, died 29 Dec 1926
Gunn, Donald 66, died 21 April 1895
Gunn, Janet McKay, 86, died 15 Dec 1914
Gunn, John, 16, died 28 Dec 1875
Gunn, Margaret, 88, died 4 May 1942
Gunn, William James, 19, died 10 Aug 1890
McKay, James (infant of ) still born, 5 Dec 1872
McKay, Jemima, 1 month, died 12 May 1870
McKay, Margaret, 100, died 9 Nov 1878 
Sayer, James, 88, died 4 Feb 1969