Friday, February 20, 2009

Is it a tree trunk used as a gravemarker?

If you were casually walking past this grave marker, you would be sure that it was a tree trunk creatively used as a grave marker, but it is not. It is made of stone. Notice also how a stone potted plant rests permanently at the base of the marker.

The last name is Williams

This grave marker is found in the Greenwood Cemetery in Owen Sound, Ontario. This photograph was taken during a tour of the cemetery in September 2007.

More details will be added later.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Badjeros Cemetery (2) - Stewart

Richard Stewart son of William & Susan McCormack Stewart, his wife Mary Raeburn daughter of Wm Raeburn & Margaret McCormack,Their son Richard Lee Stewart & wife M. Alice Taylor
Photos from Holly at Raeburn Family Odyssey

Richard Stewart
Born Aug. 18, 1840 Died June 27, 1935

Mary Raeburn beloved wife of
Richard Stewart
Born Mar. 10 1844, Died Feb. 10, 1925

R. Lee Stewart
Born Dec. 28, 1881 Died Nov. 15 1971

His beloved wife
M. Alice Taylor
Born Apr. 13 1884 Died July 19, 1975

Nearer my God to thee


Checking Mary's death registration, I found the following information. She is listed as a widow. Her son James is the informant and he is living in Singhampton. Her date of birth is given as Feb 17th 1844. Her parents are shown as William Raeburn and Margaret McCormick both born in Ireland. Mary is listed as living in Ontario all her life. Discrepancies in the date of birth are understandable but why is she called a widow?

On the marriage registration of R. Lee Stewart and M. Alice Taylor, we get their full names -- Richard Leopold Stewart and Martha Alice Taylor. They were married 22 March 1911 in Simcoe County.

Mary Stewart Ontario death registration #014577 (13 February 1925)digital image, ( : accessed 14 February 2009); citing Archives of Ontario microfilm Ms 935 reel 324, Toronto.

Richard Leopold Stewart - Martha Alice Taylor Ontario marriage registration (22 March 1911) digital image ( : accessed 14 February 2009); citing Archives of Ontario microfilm Ms932 reel 176, Toronto