Monday, May 25, 2009

Veterans - We will remember them

In Greenwood Cemetery, I found some stones with a special label to indicate that a person had been a veteran. An example of the label is shown above. This monument shown above commemorates a veteran -- Ernest Tompkins. (I have blanked out the name of a person still living, son of the couple listed above.
The label indicating that they had been a veteran reminds us of the service they gave to their country.
We will remember them.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Daniel and Agnes Trotter continued

The question posed at the end of the previous post on Daniel and Agnes Trotter was "What is Agnes' maiden name?" In the records checked, three different possibilities were found: Lomant, Lemon and Lemont

So it was time to look for more information on the family. I went to the Our Roots website to check in the History of Sydenham Township for search for Lamont/Lemont/Lomant. Lamont gives several hits.

Brothers Roger and Daniel Lamont came from Glasgow Scotland in 1843 to Owen Sound where they worked as coopers. In May 1849, Daniel got the east half of lot 16 Concession 1 NCR Sydenham Township from the crown. Daniel and wife sold the property on 21 January 1862. Daniel also received land at lot 21 Concession 1 NCR. In the Woodford (Sydenham) Women's Institute Tweedsmuir history the reference to the property is listed as the east half of lot 16 Concession 1 SCR. [Check land records to confirm correct address but it is most likely a typing error.]

The History of Sydenham Township, includes a copy of the 1865 Directory of Grey, the Sydenham Township portion done by W.W. Smith that shows Daniel Lamont, property owner of lot 21 Concession 1 NCR.

The Tweedsmuir history also provides more information on Daniel Lamont. He was the Vice-President of the Sydenham Mutual Insurance Company in 1874.

Death registrations for Agnes Lamont's parents have the Lamont spelling of the surname. The 1881 cenus has the family indexed as Lament. Agnes' brother Daniel is indexed as David. The handwriting makes it difficult to tell whether it is an "o" or an "a"

Although, LOMONT was carved in stone, Lamont would appear to the "usual" spelling of the name. Lemon, a well known surname in northern Sydenham Township, is an error in the marriage registration, in my opinion. If this was my family, I would check some original sources to verify what was the "usual" spelling of the name.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Daniel and Agnes Trotter

I noticed this stone during my walk in Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound. It is without ornamentation but it shows that they died within a year of each other. Also an added bonus is her maiden name. Read on and see what I discovered when I went searching for more information.

Daniel Trotter 1849-1924
Agnes Lomant 1851-1923

Daniel Trotter's death registration indicates that he was born in Bognor (Sydenham Township), son of James Trotter and Jane McArthur. He died 1 November 1924 and was buried on 4 November 1924 in Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound. He was living in Owen Sound at the time of his death. [1]

Agnes Stark Trotter's death registration indicates that she was born in Sydenham Township, daughter of Daniel Lamont and Mary Thompson. She died 30 August 1923 and was buried on 1 September 1923 in Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound. She was living in Owen Sound at the time of her death. [2]

A search for their marriage resulted in finding, a marriage between Daniel Trotter and Agnes Lemon on 25 January 1878 in Owen Sound. He is listed as the son of James and Jane Trotter. She is listed as the daughter of Daniel and Mary Lemon. [3]

Now we have three different spellings of the surname of Agnes. The monument is written LOMANT; her death registration as Lamont (looks very much an a instead of an o) and her marriage registration gives her surname as Lemon. Interesting. That means some more research when time permits.

What is Agnes' maiden name?

I am not related to this family.

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