Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lakeview Cemetery - Meaford, Ontario

Yesterday, a friend and I visited Lakeview Cemetery in Meaford. Although, I went there to find monuments for clients, I also did some graveyard rabbit work. I am always on the look out for interesting tombstones, grave markers, etc. This was our first visit to this cemetery.

I had gone with my list and a map from the Bruce Grey Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society's transcription of the cemetery. This map showed where Row 1 and Stone 1 for section began. I had the coordinates for each that I was specifically looking for. For those who visit cemeteries, in particular larger cemeteries, you realize that even with the coordinates, it still can be challenging to locate what you are looking for. This cemetery has certainly made it much easier.

Locating the cemetery was the biggest challenge.  I don't have a GPS but here are the coordinates according to Google Maps GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 44.59768, Longitude: -80.56961

Once we entered, things became much easier.

1. The map

2. The signs for each section

I liked knowing where a section began. Each sign is very unobtrusive but gives you the information you need to know. I wish my local cemetery did this for each section. It would certainly make the search much easier.

The day was perfect for our visit. It was warm enough for short sleeves but not so hot to be uncomfortable. The sun was shining and sky was blue. We only saw a small portion of the cemetery but it is one that I will certainly visit again. 


heather McGregor said...

Wondering about the history of the Sing family, I found it odd when I examined their mausoleum, that it seemed quite dilapidated...Are there any family members left, was hoping for a plaque, explaining the history. They must have been well off to have had such a massive plot. Would love some information, as I found finding any elusive.

Janet Iles said...

Hi Heather
I would suggest, if you haven't already done so, is to contact the Meaford Museum.

In 2007, two articles appeared in the Grey County Historian:

"Cyrus Richmond Sing, 1826-1904" by Pamela Woolner.
"William Henry Sing: "Nugamo", 1860-1948" by Helene Weaver.

Unknown said...

Your inquiry regarding the Sings

The original Sing family - their descendants are the Moore family, they now reside at Swarthmore, and own the property on the other side of the campground.

Janet Iles said...

Thank you Meg for providing this information for Heather. I hope she sees it.